Falken Ziex ZE914 Ecorun review

24 Jul, 2017 1:15pm Kim Adams


Handling needs improving, but fuel economy is best in class

One of the toughest tasks facing tyre engineers is getting good fuel economy from a tyre without heavily compromising wet grip. But the elements required for one directly conflict with those needed for the other.

So with Ecorun in the name, this tyre left us concerned Falken had focused on green credentials at the expense of wet road ability. And sure enough, the ZE914 trailed last around the sweeps of the soaking track. The long turn exposed the lack of bite and a rear that wanted to move every time the front gripped. Plus, the tyre lacked traction out of the turns, where it also finished last. But the results got better from there for the subsidiary of giant tyre maker Sumitomo. It was fifth and right in the middle of the pack in wet braking. It was also on the pace in the deep water of the aquaplaning tests. In the dry it felt soft, plus required more lock than most.

Its braking prowess continued in the dry, where it was a little over two metres off the winning Dunlop. It might have felt soft on the circuit, but that didn’t mean the quietest ride, as it could do no better than 10th. And fuel economy? It was a step off the top three but was the best of the mid-range brands.

Price £55.94
Dry handling 97.20%=10th
Dry braking 94.20%4th
Wet handling 91.40%11th 
Wet braking 86.40%5th
Wet cornering 89.30%11th
Straight aqua 96.50%7th
Curved aqua 92.90%3rd
Rolling resistance 84.10%5th
Cabin noise 98.20%10th