Toyo Proxes CF2 review

24 Jul, 2017 1:15pm Kim Adams


Showing its age as tyre technology moves on

Like several rivals here, Toyo’s Proxes CF2 has been around for a few years. But while others have remained on the pace, this tyre is in need of the latest wet grip and fuel economy technology. Although it finished mid table in the rolling resistance test, it was a clear step behind the leading performers.

It was closer in the dry and around the handling track, but felt soft in comparison with most of the other designs on test, and needed plenty of lock. The same lack of sharpness was there on the wet track, where you need to wait for the front to bite before accelerating, and the rear was more prone to movement than most. That lack of grip could also be seen in the braking test, where it was over eight metres behind the best

Price £52.67
Dry handling 99.80%4th
Dry braking 88.10%=9th
Wet handling 93.50%9th 
Wet braking 80.30%10th
Wet cornering 98.00%=2nd
Straight aqua 93.10%10th
Curved aqua 83.40%9th
Rolling resistance 82.90%6th
Cabin noise 99.80%4th