Audi R8 and TT RS get new performance parts

11 Jul, 2017 11:40am Sam Naylor

Range of add-ons for Audi sports cars add appeal, but may not make it to the UK

A new range of performance parts for the Audi TT and R8 has been revealed, adding extra customisation options for customers of Audi's sports cars. However, British buyers may not be able to buy them, as Audi UK hasn't decided if the parts will be offered here yet.

The Audi Sport Performance Parts cover four areas - suspension, exhaust system, exterior and interior.

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New brake linings resist fade better than the standard parts, both for steel and ceramic braking systems. New fluorescent red paint marks the upgraded units out, and on the R8 titanium plates save a kilogram of weight overall. Various brake cooling kits are also available.

Two- or three-way coilover suspension is available on the TT and R8, along with 20-inch black alloy wheels that save up to 8kg overall. Bigger tyres are also available, while TT RS buyers can remove the top speed limiter - allowing up to 174mph where legal.

New Akrapovic exhaust systems can be fitted to the TTS and TT RS, using a titanium silencer so save weight and improve the sound.

Aero add-ons are the most noticeable bits in the Audi Sport Performance Parts selection, with highlights on the air inlets, sills and diffuser. A fixed rear wing and a front splitter also improve downforce on the R8, while a bonnet vent is available on the TT RS.

On the inside, a sports steering wheel with Alcantara is available for both models - with a red top marker. Carbon-fibre shift paddles are available too, along with a strut brace instead of rear seats in the TT - it saves 20kg and improves rigidity.

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