Best new car deals 2019

25 Apr, 2019 11:35am

If you’re in the market for a new car over the coming months, we’ve rounded up the best new car deals available right now

Think a new car with a '19' plate is out of reach? Then think again. We’ve put together a selection of the best new car deals that you simply can’t ignore, with some models costing as little as £5 a day. That means you could park a brand new car on your driveway for less than the price of a couple of return bus tickets.

With any PCP package, you’ll have to lay down a reasonable deposit, but do a bit of legwork, and you could find zero per cent APR deals and manufacturer deposit contributions put your next car well within reach.

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Alongside the best new car deals provided by car manufacturers, we’ve included ‘aim-to-pay’ prices from our sister site . These represent the best current discounts, and serve as a realistic target to help you haggle with your dealer. Best of all, most of these deals are available at  BuyaCar today.

The top 10 best car deals this month

1Skoda Citigo£167 per month
2Vauxhall Astra£239 per month
3SEAT Arona£247 per month
4Peugeot 2008£295 per month
5Toyota Prius£300 per month
6Volkswagen Passat£340 per month
7Audi A6£436 per month
8Land Rover Discovery£499 per month
9Jaguar I-Pace£599 per month
10Ford Mustang£662 per month

Best city car deals

Kia Picanto - £162 per month

Model: Kia Picanto 1.0 GDi 2
List price: £11,075
Aim to pay: £10,150.00
Deposit: £2,107 (£0 contribution)
Monthly payments: £162.57
Number of payments: 36  
APR: 5.9%
Optional final payment: £4,300.50
Total to pay: £12,260.02

In effect, the Kia Picanto gives you the best of both worlds – and this is one of the reasons it picked up a commended gong at the jumbo-bg New Car Awards last year.

There’s no lack of style on display – you can even choose the SUV-like X-Line model – although Kia offers plenty to appeal to your head as well.

The Picanto only comes as a five-door hatchback, for example, and while that little body makes the car nice and easy to drive around town, it still provides lots of space inside.

The Kia also comes well equipped for the price. It’ll be cheap to run and everything is backed up the brand’s seven-year warranty, too.

Skoda Citigo - £167 per month

Model: Skoda Citigo 74bhp SE L GreenTech 5dr
List price: £11,450
Aim to pay: £10,728
Deposit: £1,145 (£1,500 contribution)
Monthly payments: £167.32
Number of payments: 35
APR: 6.8%
Optional final payment: £4,245.30
Total to pay: £12,756.50

As with the Picanto, the Skoda Citigo was commended at jumbo-bg’s New Car Awards 2018, and it’s a fine, cheap choice in the city car class.

It’s based on the same building blocks as the Volkswagen up! (crowned Best City Car), and provides every bit as much space and practicality as its sister, as well as being equally enjoyable to drive. Crucially, though, the range starts off at a lower price than the up!, making it ideal for cost-conscious buyers.

However, one of the downsides is that you can’t buy the Skoda with some of the more modern turbocharged engines that are available in the VW.

Hyundai i10 - £173 per month

Model: Hyundai i10 1.0 66PS SE List price: £10,400
Aim to pay: £9,787
Deposit: £1,000 (£500 contribution)
Monthly payments: £173.52
Number of payments: 36
APR: 6.4%
Optional final payment: £3,892.50
Total to pay: £11,639.22

The i10 could hardly be more different from more style-focused city cars such as the Fiat 500 and Toyota Aygo. Some critics will insist that means it lacks personality and looks a bit uninspiring, but you won’t find another city car that makes you wonder so much if you really need anything bigger. In fact, the i10 feels like a very grown-up little car and what will draw you to it are its space, comfort and refinement.

There’s enough room inside for four adults – no mean feat in such a small car – but it also offers excellent value for money and is backed by an attractive five-year warranty.

Best supermini deals

Audi A1 - £181 per month

Model: Audi A1 TFSI Sport List price: £20,010
Aim to pay: £19,550
Deposit: £2,001 (£0 contribution)
Monthly payments: £181.01
Number of payments: 36
APR: 5.9%
Optional final payment: £10,375.90
Total to pay: £22,417.80

Audi’s A1 is one of the poshest superminis on sale. It’s based on the same platform as the SEAT Ibiza and Volkswagen Polo, but it brings to this market some of the space, class and quality you might expect of bigger Audis.

Naturally, this doesn’t come cheap, but with the A1, there is the sense that you get what you pay for – that you’re buying something a cut above the likes of the Ford Fiesta and Vauxhall Corsa.

And while the purchase price is high, the running costs shouldn’t be too difficult to swallow, because the A1 has strong residual values and a range of punchy but economical engines.

Volkswagen Polo - £204 per month

Model: Volkswagen Polo 1.0 TSI 95 SE
List price: £16,445
Aim to pay: £15,101
Deposit: £2,500 (£1000 contribution)
Monthly payments: £204.59
Number of payments: 36
APR: 4.9%
Optional final payment: £7,224.30
Total to pay: £17,894.95

If you want a supermini that focuses on class, quality and sophistication, the Polo could be the car for you.

And when we say it feels very mature, we mean it has the air of the Golf from the class above – which is high praise indeed. On the road, for example, it’s a car that majors on comfort and refinement to very good effect. It’s inside, though, where this sense of quality is most obvious, with a superb finish and a choice of the latest infotainment systems.

It’s also one of the roomier cars in its sector, with enough space for adults in the back and a decent boot.

SEAT Ibiza - £222 per month

Model: SEAT Ibiza 1.0 TSI 95PS SE Technology
List price: £16,095
Aim to pay: £13,469
Deposit: £2,000 (£0 contribution)
Monthly payments: £222.07
Number of payments: 36
APR: 0%
Optional final payment: £6,322.50
Total to pay: £16,095

Until the arrival of the latest Fiesta, the sharp-looking Ibiza was our favourite supermini and it was still commended at our 2018 New Car Awards.

Above all, it’s one of the most spacious choices in this market – it could easily be used as a family car – but it also benefits enormously from SEAT being part of the Volkswagen Group. That means Ibiza buyers can choose from the latest punchy and efficient engines, technology and infotainment systems the Group has to offer. But what really puts the Ibiza at the top of the class is the fact that, for all its qualities, it’s not that expensive to buy.

Best compact family car deals

Vauxhall Astra - £239 per month

Model: Vauxhall Astra 1.0T (105) ecoTEC SRi
List price: £21,495
Aim to pay: £16,582
Deposit: £3,995 (£3,400 contribution)
Monthly payments: £239.45
Number of payments: 36
APR: 4.2%
Optional final payment: £6,816
Total to pay: £22,831.20

The Astra was our Compact Family Car of the Year back in 2016, and the winning qualities still shine through now.

Above all, it’s great value for money, but there’s nothing to make you feel as though you’re being short-changed. On the contrary, the range of efficient engines will help you carry on keeping your costs down, while the agile handling and decent performance will ensure you’re smiling all the time between visits to the fuel station.

Inside, there’s enough room for all the family, and the touchscreen fitted as standard across the range gives the cabin a hi-tech, high-class look and feel.

Ford Focus - £250 per month

Model: Ford Focus Titanium 1.0 125 EcoBoost
List price: £21,900
Aim to pay: £19,995
Deposit: £3,953 (£250 contribution)
Monthly payments: £250
Number of payments: 36
APR: 0%
Optional final payment: £8,697
Total to pay: £21,650

Ever since the first Ford Focus was launched two decades ago, it’s been renowned as the best driver’s car in its class, and this new fourth-generation model carries on that tradition. As composed and comfortable behind the wheel as it is fun, it’s still a class leader in this respect.

It’s also far better in important areas where the previous model trailed the competition. For a start, there’s room inside for a family and their luggage, while the car is packed with some of the very latest tech. You can even choose an ‘Active’ version, which sits a little higher off the road to give an SUV look.

Best estate car deals

Dacia Logan - £169 per month

Model: Dacia Logan dCi 95 Comfort Blue
List price: £12,895
Aim to pay: £12,718
Deposit: £3,001 (£250 contribution)
Monthly payments: £169
Number of payments: 36
APR: 6.9%
Optional final payment: £5,092
Total to pay: £14,428

It’s no secret that Skoda makes great-value cars, but even they can’t compete with the Dacia Logan.

The Logan is the cheapest new estate car on sale in the UK, yet it’s as big as models costing thousands more and can easily take four adults. When the rear seats are up, boot capacity stands at 573 litres, but that expands to 1,518 with the rear seats folded down – which is unbeatable in terms of space per pound.

Admittedly, the cheapest versions are very basic (air-conditioning isn’t even offered) and the Logan isn’t the best car to drive, but as a functional, no-nonsense family runaround, the Dacia fits the bill perfectly.

Skoda Superb Estate - £361 per month

Model: Skoda Superb 2.0 TDI 150 SE L Executive
List price: £29,000
Aim to pay: £25,067
Deposit: £4,350 (£3,000 contribution)
Monthly payments: £361.45
Number of payments: 36
APR: 5.5%
Optional final payment: £11,680.20
Total to pay: £31,690.95

If the Skoda Superb Estate isn’t big enough for your needs, get a van! With a boot capacity of 660 or 1,950 litres (seats up and down), the Czech carrier is even bigger than the Mercedes E-Class Estate.

The Skoda also looks after its passengers very well, and even tall adults will have room to spare in the back. There are plenty of neat touches that make the car easy to live with, too, including an LED torch in the boot.

The Superb is good value, but there’s enough standard equipment and quality to ensure you won’t feel short-changed, no matter which model you pick.

Volvo V60 - £415 per month

Model: Volvo V60 D3 Momentum
List price: £31,810
Aim to pay: £29,097
Deposit: £3,000 (£2,000 contribution)
Monthly payments: £415.98
Number of payments: 36
APR: 2.9%
Optional final payment: £13,625.63
Total to pay: £33,600.91

Volvo’s SUVs have been picking up the accolades, but the company also has a history of building great estates – and the V60 is the product of all that experience.

Not only does it have a practical and easy-to-use boot, it also offers a classy and minimalist dashboard inspired by what you’ll find in the XC range of SUVs. The seats are some of the most comfortable in any car, too, and there will be no problem fitting in four six-footers.

Throw in all the hi-tech features (even in Momentum spec), the relaxed way it drives and a long list of advanced safety equipment, and it’s no wonder that the V60 was commended at our New Car Awards in 2018.

Best compact executive car deals

Volkswagen Passat - £340 per month

Model: Volkswagen Passat 2.0 TDI 150 SE Business
List price: £27,420
Aim to pay: £22,150
Deposit: £5,209.90 (£2,000 contribution)
Monthly payments: £340.85
Number of payments: 36
APR: 3.0%
Optional final payment: £9,580.50
Total to pay: £28,730.15

In the past, the Passat was considered a rival for the likes of the Ford Mondeo. But it’s a sign of how far it has moved upmarket that it’s now mentioned in the same breath as cars like the BMW 3 Series and Mercedes C-Class.

Admittedly, it’s not quite a match for them yet – particularly as the VW badge isn’t quite as prestigious, and the Passat looks conservative – but it does have excellent interior quality, lots of advanced technology and plenty of space. Other cars may be more instantly thrilling, but the Passat will give long-term pleasure.

Alfa Romeo Giulia - £438 per month

Model: Alfa Romeo Giulia 2.2 JTDM-2 Super
List price: £33,445.70
Aim to pay: £30,435
Deposit: £4,987.50 (£1,500 contribution)
Monthly payments: £438.12
Number of payments: 35
APR: 3.0%
Optional final payment: £13,133
Total to pay: £33,445.70

Car enthusiasts waited for years for Alfa Romeo to come up with a car that is worthy of the Italian company’s heritage – and the Giulia is it.

It’s so good that we commended it at our 2018 New Car Awards – which is quite an achievement when its rivals include the Audi A4 and Jaguar XE.

True, the cabin doesn’t quite have the same class as you’ll find in the Audi, but what sets the Alfa apart is that it’s a truly dynamic compact executive car – especially with one of the raspy petrol engines – and is as thrilling to drive as it is to look at.

Mercedes C-Class - £461 per month

Model: Mercedes C-Class C 220 d SE
List price: £36,015
Aim to pay: £31,768
Deposit: £3,500 (£5,679.75 contribution)
Monthly payments: £461.98
Number of payments: 36
APR: 5.7%
Optional final payment: £13,600
Total to pay: £33,741.28

Mercedes’ latest C-Class is a thoroughly impressive package, so much so that it took the coveted Best Compact Executive Car title at our 2018 New Car Awards. And there are a number of reasons for that.

Build quality, for a start, is as good as it gets in this market, while the recently upgraded infotainment system and digital dashboard give the C-Class a suitably hi-tech feel inside.

Throw in a range of engines that serves up a fine mix of performance and low emissions, as well as a soft suspension set-up that will keep driver and passengers unruffled over long journeys, and this is a compelling package in the sector.

BMW 3 Series - £557 per month

Model: BMW 3 Series 320d M Sport (manual)
List price: £38,310
Aim to pay: £35,800
Deposit: £5,072 (£2,823.70 contribution)
Monthly payments: £557.90
Number of payments: 36
APR: 4.9%
Optional final payment: £14,111.80
Total to pay: £41,534

The BMW 3 Series is the benchmark in this class, and the latest seventh-generation model is more comfortable, practical and laden with technology than any version that’s gone before.

It remains a fantastically rewarding car to drive, too, and with the 320d claiming economy figures of 65.7mpg, as well as CO2 emissions of just 112g/km, it will please fleet managers just as much as driving enthusiasts.

The iDrive infotainment system has been upgraded, and you can choose options including a 12.3-inch digital dashboard and a 10.25-inch central screen that can be controlled by natural voice commands. When it comes to tech and an upmarket ambience, the latest 3 Series runs the Mercedes C-Class very close.

Best executive car deals

Jaguar XF - £403 per month

Model: Jaguar XF
List price: £38,695
Aim to pay: £33,802
Deposit: £5,377 (£4,300 contribution)
Monthly payments: £403.86
Number of payments: 35
APR: 0%
Optional final payment: £14,884
Total to pay: £38,695

German cars have dominated this area of the market for ages, but in the XF, Jaguar has produced an executive saloon that will tempt buyers away from Audi, BMW and Mercedes. The looks are a huge part of that, although the XF has plenty to admire beneath those distinctive curves.

In particular, it’s a fine drive, striking a nice balance between rewarding handling and a comfortable ride. On top of that, the Jaguar has plenty of room inside its comfortable cabin, as well as a big boot and low running costs.

True, the quality and technology still lag a little behind its German competitors’, but in every other way, the XF is bang on the money.

Audi A6 - £436 per month

Model: Audi A6 40 TDI
List price: £38,640
Aim to pay: £34,038
Deposit: £4,200 (£5,000 contribution)
Monthly payments: £436
Number of payments: 36
APR: 3.9%
Optional final payment: £16,815
Total to pay: £41,285

Launched in 2018, the latest Audi A6 is packed full of cutting-edge technology and does everything you would want an executive saloon to do.

For a start, it has just the kind of sophisticated styling that stands out for the right reasons, without being ostentatious; and inside, the A6 has a fine blend of space and space-age. The latter comes courtesy of three digital displays, two of which are touchscreens.

Admittedly, it does take a while to get your head around everything that you can do, but the amount of room that will take four six-foot adults in absolute luxury will be immediately obvious.

Volvo S90 - £447 per month

Model: Volvo S90 D4 Momentum
List price: £35,760
Aim to pay: £32,504
Deposit: £3,000 (£2,000 contribution)
Monthly payments: £447.52
Number of payments: 36
APR: 0%
Optional final payment: £14,649.38
Total to pay: £35,760

Volvo’s offering in the executive saloon market, the S90, is an impressive package. So good, in fact, that it picked up a commended gong at the 2018 jumbo-bg New Car Awards.

Part of the reason for this success is that the S90 feels very different to the German models that tend to steal the limelight in this class. This is particularly thanks to a minimalist interior that’s beautifully put together and dominated by a portrait-style infotainment screen.

As you would expect, the generous space inside and safety equipment are big draws, but the S90 is also not far behind the Mercedes E-Class when it comes to long-distance comfort.

BMW 5 Series - £447 per month

Model: BMW 5 Series 520i M Sport
List price: £40,515
Aim to pay: £36,660
Deposit: £7,699 (£3,120.97 contribution)
Monthly payments: £447.82
Number of payments: 36
APR: 4.9%
Optional final payment: £17,424.23
Total to pay: £43,917.90

A BMW is almost always the sporty option in any class – and that’s certainly the case with the 5 Series. This seventh-generation model feels far more nimble than you would expect of a big saloon.

Yet for all its engaging handling, this is still a very comfortable executive car and a fine all-rounder – our 2018 Executive Car of the Year, in fact. It’s as classy inside as it is outside, and comes with loads of standard equipment and hi-tech features.

The model line-up includes something for every sort of buyer, too, from a tax-friendly plug-in hybrid version to frugal diesels and, at the top of the range, the superb M5 performance car.

Audi A7 Sportback - £568 per month

Model: Audi A7 Sportback 40 TDI S Tronic S Line
List price: £50,040
Aim to pay: £42,983
Deposit: £5,004 (£6,000 contribution)
Monthly payments: £568.20
Number of payments: 36
APR: 3.9%
Optional final payment: £22,663.20
Total to pay: £53,546.20

If you lust after a luxury saloon but want something a little less conservative, the A7 is the answer to your prayers. Outside, it’s sleeker and more coupé-like than Audi’s other big saloons, but inside it’s every bit as classy and cutting-edge.

Indeed, its interior is virtually identical to what you’ll see in its more conventional brothers and you get many of the same subtly strong engines.

The compromise you have to make for that coupé-like rear is less room in the back seats and boot, but if you can live with that, the A7 is the best of both worlds.

The best small SUV deals

SEAT Arona - £247 per month

Model: SEAT Arona 1.0 TSI 115 SE Technology DSG
List price: £18,970
Aim to pay: £17,444
Deposit: £2,000 (£1,500 contribution)
Monthly payments: £247.69
Number of payments: 36
APR: 6.6%
Optional final payment: £9,157.50
Total to pay: £21,336.65

There’s been an explosion of SUVs from the Volkswagen Group recently, and the Arona is one of the best of the bunch.

With its stylish looks, spacious and practical interior and range of sensible engines, plus decent running costs, the Spanish model was a commended Small SUV at our 2018 New Car Awards. It’s also comfortable, well equipped, composed and refined on the road.

Admittedly, the Arona isn’t especially exciting to drive – even the FR and FR Sport versions, with their lowered suspension – but it’s one of the sportier options in the small SUV class and does all the basics well.

Peugeot 2008 - £295 per month

Model: Peugeot 2008 1.5 BlueHDi 100 Allure
List price: £17,584
Aim to pay: £17,181
Deposit: £2,637.60 (£0 contribution)
Monthly payments: £295.06
Number of payments: 36
APR: 6.9%
Optional final payment: £6,568
Total to pay: £19,827.76

Compared with rivals such as the Nissan Juke, the Peugeot 2008 is a much more conventional sort of SUV. It’s based on the 208 supermini and offers enough space and practicality to be a realistic alternative to mainstream hatchbacks.

Despite its off-road looks, the Peugeot isn’t available with four-wheel drive, but you can specify it with Grip Control, an advanced traction control system that gives it some ability off the beaten track.

Overall, the 2008 is a very sensible, rational choice, with a wide range of engines and trims, and a setup that focuses on a comfortable and refined drive, rather than outright sporting thrills.

Audi Q2 - £314 per month

Model: Audi Q2 30 TFSI 116 PS Sport
List price: £23,560
Aim to pay: £22,511
Deposit: £3,000 (£1,000 contribution)
Monthly payments: £314.21
Number of payments: 36
APR: 5.9%
Optional final payment: £11,208.10
Total to pay: £26,215.45

The Q2 is Audi’s smallest and most road-biased SUV, with the majority of the range not even having four-wheel drive. There’s no shortage of engines and trims to choose from, but this is one of the more expensive small SUVs, so you must be careful not to go over the top when you’re specifying options, especially with the most basic model.

On the other hand, that price is justified, at least in part, by the big-car features the Q2 has and the personalisation opportunities it brings. It offers room for four inside, along with a generally high-quality finish.

The best family SUV deals

Dacia Duster - £179 per month

Model: Dacia Duster Blue dCi 115 4x2 Comfort
List price: £15,395
Aim to pay: £15,128
Deposit: £3,616 (£0 contribution)
Monthly payments: £179
Number of payments: 36
APR: 6.9%
Optional final payment: £7,315
Total to pay: £17,376

Pound for pound, the Duster could be the best new car on sale. It’s not the latest or greatest piece of engineering, but it’s astounding how much car you get for the money.

This is the UK’s cheapest crossover, and precious little else at this price gives you as much space inside. It’s big enough to be a family car, especially as the Dacia is now available with a wider range of safety equipment. You could criticise the functional cabin and dull drive, but what’s more important is that it’s all very easy to live with.

Kia Sportage - £321 per month

Model: Kia Sportage 1.6 CRDi ISG 2
List price: £23,995
Aim to pay: £21,496
Deposit: £2,399 (£750 contribution)
Monthly payments: £321.10
Number of payments: 36
APR: 2.9%
Optional final payment: £10,682.63
Total to pay: £25,391.23

Apart from perhaps the Stinger executive coupé, no car better shows just how far Kia has come than the Sportage.

This isn’t just a good car for the money, the fourth-generation Sportage is a good car, full stop – and it’s backed by Kia’s market-leading seven-year warranty. The Sportage certainly fulfils the brief as a family car, because it’s one of the biggest SUVs in its class, while the good drive and wide choice of well-equipped models (including four-wheel-drive versions) mean it’s also one of the best all-rounders.

In addition, owners love it, as the car’s Top 20 finish in the 2018 Driver Power satisfaction survey proved.  

Nissan Qashqai - £361 per month

Model: Nissan Qashqai 1.5 dCi 115 N-Connecta [Glass Roof pack]
List price:
Aim to pay: £22,272  
Deposit: £2,500 (£3,000 contribution)
Monthly payments: £361  
Number of payments: 36  
APR: 4.99%
Optional final payment: £10,544  
Total to pay: £29,047

Game-changer is a term that’s thrown around the motor industry all too readily, but the original Nissan Qashqai really did change things – and the latest model is still great family transport.

Like all the best cars, it’s so appealing because it’s a fine all-rounder: spacious, well built and good to drive, as well as having some up-to-the-minute technology on board, such as the semi-autonomous driving features in the ProPilot system.

A family of up to five will have no trouble fitting inside in comfort and, although the boot isn’t the biggest, what it lacks in sheer space, it makes up for with clever features.

Mazda CX-5 - £436 per month

Model: Mazda CX-5 2.2D 150 2WD Sport Nav+
List price: £30,695  
Aim to pay: £27,980  
Deposit: £3,000 (£1,000 contribution)
Monthly payments: £436.62  
Number of payments: 36  
APR: 4.1%
Optional final payment: £13,483.13  
Total to pay: £33,201.45

The Mazda CX-5 is loved by its owners, which is why it finished in the Top 20 of the 2018 Driver Power satisfaction survey.

Mind you, it’s not difficult to see why. Not only is it one of the most enjoyable cars in the class for keen drivers, it’s also very comfortable over a long distance. That’s thanks in part to the effortless pulling power of the CX-5’s large-capacity engines. However, they’re economical, too, resulting in impressively low running costs.

On top of that, the classy, spacious interior, with its generous standard kit, makes it clear that the CX-5 is one of the best SUVs a family could have.

Jaguar E-Pace - £411 per month

Model: Jaguar E-Pace D180 AWD auto S
List price: £36,320  
Aim to pay: £34,604  
Deposit: £5,376 (£1,000 contribution)
Monthly payments: £411.42  
Number of payments: 35  
APR: 5.9%
Optional final payment: £19,852  
Total to pay: £40,627.70

You might be expecting the E-Pace to be a shrunken version of the F-Pace, but the looks alone – inspired by the F-Type sports car as much as any SUV – will tell you that’s not quite the case.

Inside, too, the dashboard has its own design, but most importantly, there’s enough space for four adults here – and five at a pinch. As a buyer, you also get plenty of choice in the E-Pace line-up, with a wide range of engines and trims to pick from, as well as a variety of personalisation options.

Good handling also means that Jaguar’s smallest SUV is as much a sporty car as it is a utility vehicle.

Best large SUV deals

Peugeot 5008 - £413 per month

Model: Peugeot 5008 1.5 BlueHDi 130 Allure
List price: £30,099
Aim to pay: £26,643
Deposit: £4,514.85 (£0 contribution)
Monthly payments: £413.07
Number of payments: 36
APR: 5.9%
Optional final payment: £14,266
Total to pay: £33,651.37

Like the smaller 3008, which is built on the same platform, the latest 5008 has been reinvented as an SUV. And this was a great move by Peugeot.

That’s because it now has ultra-fashionable SUV looks, yet retains the space and practicality that were so impressive in the previous 5008. The big difference between the 3008 and 5008 is that the larger car has seven seats. In truth, that third row of seats is really intended for kids, but adults will fit if the centre row of seats is slid forward.

And what everyone on board will appreciate is the 5008’s comfortable ride – just what you want in a family car.

Skoda Kodiaq - £414 per month

Model: Skoda Kodiaq 2.0 TDI 150 SE 4x4
List price: £29,265  
Aim to pay: £25,771
Deposit: £2,926 (£2,000 contribution)
Monthly payments: £414.29
Number of payments: 36  
APR: 5.5%
Optional final payment: £12,828.60
Total to pay: £32,265.25

Just as SEAT did with the Ateca, Skoda hit the bullseye with its first SUV, the Kodiaq. It picked up its second consecutive Large SUV of the Year crown at our 2018 New Car Awards, and that was no real surprise.

There isn’t a rival that can match its blend of everyday practicality, a good drive and decent prices. Whether you go for a five-seat or seven-seat version, it’s roomy and versatile, with a very big boot.

Thanks to Skoda’s easy access to the VW Group parts bin, the Kodiaq can also be had with some of the very latest technology and connectivity. And on top of all this, it’s surprisingly good to drive.

Hyundai Santa Fe - £467 per month

Model: Hyundai Santa Fe SE 2.2 200PS Diesel 2WD Manual
List price: £33,425
Aim to pay: £28,302
Deposit: £5,000 (£2,000 contribution)
Monthly payments: £467.40
Number of payments: 37
APR: 5.9%
Optional final payment: £13,130.25
Total to pay: £36,956.65

Size is one of the most important considerations for a family car – and the seven-seat Santa Fe is huge.

There’s lots of room for anyone in the front and centre rows; and although the rearmost row is best left for kids, that’s also true in many other similar seven-seaters. Where the Hyundai scores is with the amount of storage in the cabin, the long list of standard kit and its quiet, comfortable character.

The diesel engine really suits the car, too, with more than enough power for everyday use.

Land Rover Discovery Sport - £499 per month

Model: Land Rover Discovery Sport SE 2.0 150HP Diesel Manual (AWD)
List price: £32,500
Aim to pay: £30,001
Deposit: £3,500 (£0 contribution)
Monthly payments: £499.80
Number of payments: 35  
APR: 5.9%
Optional final payment: £15,356
Total to pay: £36,349

Don’t get confused by the name: this isn’t really a sporting car. Instead, the Discovery Sport is a Land Rover through and through, with real go-anywhere ability and the option of seven seats.

However, even Land Rover refers to the interior layout as a 5+2 arrangement so, as you would expect, the third row of chairs is best saved for kids. This isn’t a particularly sporty SUV on the road, either, because its real strength is the refined and comfortable way it makes progress.

It’s a very rela car to drive, though, with good fuel economy from the diesel engines.

Ford Edge - £567 per month

Model: Ford Edge 2.0 TDCi 150PS Titanium
List price: £35,410  
Aim to pay: £35,410  
Deposit: £5,000 (£0 contribution)
Monthly payments: £567.50  
Number of payments: 36  
APR: 6.9%
Optional final payment: £14,621  
Total to pay: £40,070.88

If you’re looking for a big, imposing SUV then the Ford Edge has plenty to offer.

As you might expect from such a large vehicle, the Edge boasts a vast interior and a huge boot, although it’s a shame there’s no seven-seat version available.

There’s no doubting the standard equipment, though, with the plush Titanium serving as the entry point to the range. The ST-Line adds a sporty look, while the Vignale lends a premium finish.

Buyers have the choice of two diesel engines, both with a six-speed auto box, while two and four-wheel drive are available. Whichever you pick, the Edge majors on comfort over driving thrills.

The best premium SUV deals

Volvo XC90 - £499 per month

Model: Volvo XC90 D5 AWD Momentum
List price: £53,110  
Aim to pay: £46,838  
Deposit: £8,781.26 (£1,000 contribution)
Monthly payments: £499  
Number of payments: 36  
APR: 4.9%
Optional final payment: £22,351.88  
Total to pay: £56,085.14

Volvo is on a roll at the moment, but it was this latest version of the XC90 that heralded this new era, winning our Car of the Year award back in 2015.

From its elegant good looks and Thor’s Hammer headlights to the superbly classy and minimalist cabin, it’s a car that dares to be different – and with wonderful results. Inside, a portrait-style touchscreen dominates proceedings and gives the SUV a decidedly hi-tech and modern feel, while there’s plenty of old-fashioned space, too.

The XC90 is a true seven-seater, with a focus on comfort, and that’s reflected in the quiet and refined way it drives.

Land Rover Discovery - £499 per month

Model: Land Rover Discovery 2.0L SD4 240HP Auto SE
List price: £54,305  
Aim to pay: £49,906  
Deposit: £11,949 (£2,000 contribution)
Monthly payments: £499  
Number of payments: 36  
APR: 5.9%
Optional final payment: £28,511  
Total to pay: £60,424

The Discovery is a serial winner: jumbo-bg Car of the Year in 2017 and our favourite Large Premium SUV in 2018. The key to such success is its all-round ability, and that starts with its great driving experience on and off the road.

Not only will this Land Rover tramp across muddy moorland, it will also feel like a proper luxury car on a long motorway journey. On top of that, it can cope with anything that family life throws at it. It’s a seven-seater, for a start, but it comes packed with lots of useful features which make life that bit easier – things like cupholders, storage spaces and charging points.

Volkswagen Touareg - £605 per month

Model: Volkswagen Touareg R-Line 3.0 V6 TDI (286PS)
List price: £55,195  
Aim to pay: £50,227  
Deposit: £9,000 (£3,000 contribution)
Monthly payments: £605.66  
Number of payments: 36  
APR: 3.3%
Optional final payment: £25,355.70  
Total to pay: £58,563.80

If there is a surprise about the Touareg, it’s that a car this big only comes with five seats – and there’s no seven-seat version.

As long as that’s not a problem, there’s lots to like about Volkswagen’s largest SUV. For a start, it’s incredibly spacious for a family of five and the boot is one of the biggest in the class. The car is set up more for comfort and refinement than driving thrills, something that’s reflected in the engine range, with a pair of responsive V6 diesels that give good performance without costing too much in fuel.

Audi Q7 - £765 per month

Model: Audi Q7 50 TDI quattro 286PS tiptronic S line
List price: £59,295  
Aim to pay: £52,031
Deposit: £5,929.50 (£3,000 contribution)
Monthly payments: £765.24
Number of payments: 36  APR: 4.9%
Optional final payment: £29,289.45
Total to pay: £65,012.35

If you want some idea of the high-class engineering under the skin of Audi’s Q7, remember that it’s built on the same platform as the Bentley Bentayga and the latest Porsche Cayenne.

What’s more, when it was launched, this Q7 was hailed as the most technologically advanced car ever built by Audi. For all that, though, it’s old-fashioned things like space, refinement and quality that will most appeal to you about the Q7.

This is a seven-seater that can genuinely seat seven people, and the finish inside is simply superb. Every one of the engines can shift this big SUV at quite a lick without much effort – and without breaking the bank.

Best MPV deals

Ford S-Max - £418 per month

Model: Ford S-MAX 2.0 TDCi 190PS Titanium
List price: £30,645  
Aim to pay: £27,945  
Deposit: £4,000 (£0 contribution)
Monthly payments: £418  
Number of payments: 36  
APR: 0%
Optional final payment: £11,584  
Total to pay: £30,645

The S-MAX sits in the middle of Ford’s range of seven-seat MPVs, between the smaller Grand C-MAX and larger Galaxy.

As with its two sisters, its main attraction is how well it drives for an MPV – it’s more like a sporty family car. It has a fine range of engines as well, with everything from frugal diesels to a petrol model delivering strong(ish) performance, while standard equipment is generous across the range.

It’s not the biggest seven-seater out there (buy a Galaxy if you want maximum space), but if you don’t mind sacrificing a little bit of room for a sharper drive, this could be the MPV of your dreams.

Citroen Grand C4 SpaceTourer - £451 per month

Model: Citroen Grand C4 SpaceTourer BlueHDi 120 Flair auto
List price: £31,310  
Aim to pay: £26,220
Deposit: £3,143 (£1,750 contribution)
Monthly payments: £451.52
Number of payments: 36  
APR: 4.9%
Optional final payment: £11,420
Total to pay: £34,390

Citroen recently changed this car’s name from C4 Picasso, but what’s stayed the same is that the C4 SpaceTourer is still the best MPV you can buy.

In fact, it’s been crowned Best MPV at our New Car Awards for five years in a row, and it’s easy to see why. Above all, the car is a great way to carry people, with plenty of room in all seven seats, an airy cabin and a boot that will take more than 2,000 litres when you drop the rear seats.

The name change also saw some useful updates to the engines, connectivity and kit, but the Citroen remains an excellent family holdall.

SEAT Alhambra - £547 per month

Model: SEAT Alhambra 2.0 TDI 150 SE L
List price: £34,405  
Aim to pay: £28,626  
Deposit: £3,400 (£2,250 contribution)
Monthly payments: £547.66  
Number of payments: 36  
APR: 6.4%
Optional final payment: £13,567.50  
Total to pay: £38,395.60

The Alhambra is getting a little long in the tooth these days, but this former three-time MPV of the Year winner at our New Car Awards can still teach some newer models a thing or two about ferrying people around.

In part, that’s simply because it’s a big car that has a lot of room inside; but it’s also due to the fact it has sliding side doors, which make loading and unloading just that little bit easier.

All in all, it’s an excellent family car, but what will surprise you is just how enjoyable the Alhambra is to drive. From behind the wheel, it doesn’t feel anything like as big as it is.

Best coupe deals

Toyota GT86 - £485 per month

Model: Toyota GT86 2.0 GT
List price: £27,285  
Aim to pay: £24,853  
Deposit: £1,000 (£0 contribution)
Monthly payments: £485.76  
Number of payments: 36  
APR: 4.9%
Optional final payment: £12,060  
Total to pay: £30,061.60

The Toyota GT86 stands out in today’s marketplace because of its sheer simplicity. Thanks to the combination of its front-engine, rear-wheel-drive set-up and a light kerbweight, the car has super-sharp handling that enthusiasts will revel in.

It’s not all that fast, but focusing on straight-line performance over what it feels like through corners is to miss the point. The GT86’s speciality is how you get from A to B, not how quickly.

The quality of the interior and the car’s poor fuel economy can rightly be criticised, but you’ll be much happier if you rev out the engine and exploit the chassis on a demanding road.

Mercedes C-Class Coupe - £546 per month

Model: Mercedes C-Class Coupé C 220 d AMG Line
List price: £40,455  
Aim to pay: £35,630
Deposit: £4,000 (£3,394.38 contribution)
Monthly payments: £546.23
Number of payments: 36  
APR: 5.7%
Optional final payment: £17,650
Total to pay: £41,324.28

The C-Class Coupé is sold alongside saloon, Estate and Cabriolet models, but the two-door is arguably the most stylish version of the compact executive Mercedes offers.

It’s more of a refined and relaxed tourer than a sports car – although there are AMG-tuned versions for anyone after high-speed thrills. The mainstream models focus on comfort, with a smooth ride.

Overall, it’s a very well-rounded car, with a smart, high-quality 2+2 cabin and a good boot. There’s a wide range of engines, and AMG Line trim is well equipped, too.

Ford Mustang - £662 per month

Model: Ford Mustang 5.0 V8 GT
List price: £42,745  
Aim to pay: £41,750
Deposit: £4,500 (£0 contribution)
Monthly payments: £662.69
Number of payments: 36  
APR: 6.9%
Optional final payment: £20,425
Total to pay: £48,802.02

It took Ford more than half a century to officially sell right-hand-drive examples of the Mustang in the UK, but it was worth the wait. Today’s model is every inch the American muscle car that legend led us to expect.

The range-topping version has a huge 5.0-litre V8 engine providing serious pace – and all at a reasonable price. True, it’s a big car and isn’t the most nimble – or practical – choice, but that’s not the point. Instead, you can revel in the looks, the sound and simply how good it makes you feel.

Lexus LC - £1,128 per month

Model: Lexus LC 500h
List price: £81,270  
Aim to pay: £81,270  
Deposit: £10,000 (£0 contribution)
Monthly payments: £1,128  
Number of payments: 34  
APR: 5.9%
Optional final payment: £36,000  
Total to pay: £85,495.05

A car needs to be pretty special to stand out from today’s crop of two-doors – and our 2018 New Car Awards Coupé of the Year, the Lexus LC, does exactly that.

Although the Japanese brand was bold to take on the likes of the BMW 8 Series and Mercedes SL, this hi-tech coupé is much more than just a pretty face. Its 2+2 cabin is suitably luxurious, and it makes the LC a wonderful high-speed cruiser.

There’s a hybrid version, but it’s the bellowing V8 model that will quicken the pulse of any red-blooded petrolhead. And it’s not just quick, it also has enough grip and poise to make the most of the performance on offer.

Best hybrid and electric car deals

Toyota Prius - £300 per month

Model: Toyota Prius Active
List price: £24,245  
Aim to pay: £22,029  
Deposit: £3,470.64 (£0 contribution)
Monthly payments: £300  
Number of payments: 36  
APR: 4.9%
Optional final payment: £12,690  
Total to pay: £26,660.64

It’s probably the world’s most famous hybrid, but one of the reasons the Toyota Prius sells so well is that its low-emission petrol-electric powertrain is packaged in a thoroughly decent family car.

So not only will you get good fuel economy without the need to plug in the Toyota to charge it up (although a more expensive plug-in version is available), you can take the family along, too.

Three passengers can fit in the back, as long as they’re not too tall, and the large boot will swallow all their luggage. In addition, even though the Prius has been set up for comfort, it’s a decent and easy car to drive as well.

BMW i3 - £346 per month

Model: BMW i3 120Ah
Price: £31,680 (incl PiCG)  
Aim to pay: £31,680  
Deposit: £7,389 (£1,239.35 contribution)
Monthly payments: £346.77  
Number of payments: 36  
APR: 4.9%
Optional final payment: £10,872.45  
Total to pay: £34,963.80

There’s no mistaking the BMW i3 for anything else: its styling inside and out is as radical as it gets in this size of car.

Its cabin is far more spacious than you’d expect, although the car only has two seats in the back. The handsome dashboard is minimalist enough to bathe the interior in light, and mixes traditional wood inserts with cutting-edge tech. The all-electric i3 can manage 160 miles on a charge, yet cover the benchmark 0-62mph sprint in just 7.3 seconds.

Those seeking a sportier driving experience are served by the i3s, which shaves 0.4 seconds off that time, and has sharper responses through bends.

Hyundai Kona Electric - £443 per month

Model: Hyundai Kona Electric 64kWh Premium
List price: £32,845 (inc PiCG)  
Aim to pay: £32,845  
Deposit: £6,500 (£0 contribution)
Monthly payments: £443.81
No of payments: 36  
APR: 5.9%
Optional final payment: £13,963.50
Total to pay: £36,440.66

Our Affordable Electric Car of the Year in 2018 won the award for one reason above all else: the Kona Electric offers a near-300-mile range in 64kWh spec.

Our tests showed that you could realistically expect that in everyday use, and even the cheaper 39kWh model has a range of up to 180 miles. That means you could well do a week’s commuting on a single charge and say goodbye to range anxiety.

As with any electric car, the Hyundai is very quiet on the move, but the SUV is also pretty comfortable and has reasonable space inside, as well as a fine infotainment system.

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV - £506 per month

Model: Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Juro
List price: £36,755  
Aim to pay: £33,700  
Deposit: £5,000 (£2,500 contribution)
Monthly payments: £506.19  
Number of payments: 36  
APR: 5.9%
Optional final payment: £14,980  
Total to pay: £40,702.75

The Outlander PHEV has been the UK’s best-selling alternative-fuel vehicle for a while, and looks set to retain its place at the top of the charts following a series of revisions that have improved the car.

A larger and smoother 2.4-litre petrol engine, a stronger rear motor and an uprated battery have made the Outlander more attractive than ever. What hasn’t changed, though, is the essential appeal of Mitsubishi’s SUV.

It’s a spacious and practical, five-seat plug-in hybrid car with an electric-only range of up to 33 miles and the lure of low running costs, if you keep it charged up and run mostly on electric power.

Kia e-Niro - £519 per month

Model: Kia e-Niro Special Edition
List price: £32,995 (incl PiCG)
Aim to pay: £32,995
Deposit: £3,652.58 (£0 contribution)
Monthly payments: £519
No of payments: 36  
APR: 5.9%
Optional final payment: £14,580
Total to pay: £36,917

The e-Niro has a lot in common with the Hyundai Kona Electric and both are the kind of electric cars that could convince the most ardent petrolhead that battery power is the future. 

Above all, that’s because the top-spec version has a range of close to 300 miles, which you can achieve in the real world. And if you only drive carefully around town, you could go even further, meaning a week’s use on a single charge with no range anxiety.

Better still, the Niro has today’s most fashionable SUV body style, is reasonably practical and good value, once you factor in the Government grant to help towards the purchase price.

Jaguar I-Pace - £599 per month

Model: Jaguar I-Pace EV400 AWD SE
Price: £65,995 (incl PiCG)  
Aim to pay: £64,000  
Deposit: £11,870 (£0 contribution)
Monthly payments: £599  
Number of payments: 38  
APR: 5.9%
Optional final payment: £41,004  
Total to pay: £77,938 

Tesla has had the EV market to itself for a long time, but the arrival of the I-Pace has really shaken things up.

With its mix of strong performance, excellent quality and a decent real-world range of almost 300 miles, the Jaguar was named Best Premium Electric Car at our 2018 New Car Awards. Indeed, it scooped the overall Car of the Year crown. That’s no surprise when you climb aboard to find arguably Jaguar’s best cabin to date, with a fine blend of the brand’s traditional quality and the latest tech.

It also offers room for four people and their luggage, plus the I-Pace is seriously quick, rides sweetly and handles superbly.

Best performance car deals

Ford Fiesta ST - £235 per month

Model: Ford Fiesta ST ST-2
List price: £20,495  
Aim to pay: £18,495
Deposit: £3,500 (£0 contribution)
Monthly payments: £235.99
Number of payments: 36  
APR: 2.9%
Optional final payment: £9,655
Total to pay: £21,670.68

No, we haven’t lost our minds, there really is a Ford alongside genuine supercars. Then again, the Fiesta ST always has been a David among a sea of Goliaths – more thrilling to drive than more exotic cars that can cost five or six times as much. 

And that’s the case today, although this latest ST has a slightly more grown-up feel. The three-cylinder engine is punchy and the car still handles beautifully in corners. Yes, it’s a little softer than the last ST, but that means it’s a bit easier to live with.

Jaguar F-Type - £499 per month

Model: Jaguar F-Type Coupé 2.0 P300 R-Dynamic
List price: £54,910  
Aim to pay: £51,617
Deposit: £8,171 (£3,120 contribution)
Monthly payments: £499
Number of payments: 36  
APR: 5.9%
Optional final payment: £32,404
Total to pay: £61,659

It’s difficult to imagine a tougher job than producing a successor to the famous E-Type, but after many years of development and false starts, Jaguar managed it with the F-Type

It certainly looks the part, and whether you go for coupé or convertible body style, you benefit from equally eye-catching looks.

The range of engines runs from an affordable four-cylinder to a stonking supercharged V8 in the flagship SVR, which is quick enough to compete with top supercars – and has a soundtrack to match. You can even choose four-wheel-drive versions that are safer and more secure, but every bit as thrilling to drive.

Nissan GT-R - £699 per month

Model: Nissan GT-R Pure
List price: £81,995  
Aim to pay: £72,693  
Deposit: £16,970 (£3,500 contribution)
Monthly payments: £699  
Number of payments: 36  
APR: 5.99%
Optional final payment: £46,047.14  
Total to pay: £91,681.40

Aficionados moan about electronic aids that take away from the thrill of driving, but they haven’t met the Nissan GT-R

The so-called supercar for the PlayStation generation features electronic systems that actually add to the driving experience. Admittedly, the GT-R’s stiff set-up is a little difficult to live with at low speeds, but on an open road, you can revel in the performance from its 3.8-litre twin-turbo V6 engine allied to the reassurance of its four-wheel-drive system and huge grip.

There are umpteen settings to play with, but whichever mode you choose, the GT-R is one of the fastest road cars on sale.

BMW M5 - £1,449 per month

Model: BMW M5
List price: £91,425  
Aim to pay: £85,600  
Deposit: £9,500 (£0 contribution)
Monthly payments: £1,449.52  
Number of payments: 36  
APR: 3.9%
Optional final payment: £38,131.28  
Total to pay: £98,364.48 

The BMW M5 really is the benchmark supersaloon: tech-laden, beautifully built and with the kind of performance that’ll rival anything else on these pages.

Its 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8 engine packs a 592bhp punch. And unlike previous generations, four-wheel drive ensures you can get every bit of that power down on the road, although a selectable two-wheel-drive mode means the latest M5 can smoke its rear tyres with ease.

The optional Competition Pack is worth the hefty £6,500 price tag, because it sharpens the handling, soundtrack and looks, transforming the M5 to the best in the business.

BMW i8 - £1,577 per month

Model: BMW i8 Coupé
List price: £114,935  
Aim to pay: £114,935  
Deposit: £20,000 (£9,136.24 contribution)
Monthly payments: £1,577.43  
Number of payments: 36  
APR: 5.9%
Optional final payment: £41,661.08  
Total to pay: £126,007.37 

If the Audi R8 is an old-school supercar, then the i8 is at the very cutting edge.

There’s no shortage of power and performance on offer, but amazingly it comes courtesy of a hybrid powertrain featuring a three-cylinder petrol engine based on what you’d find in a MINI Cooper. However, with a big electric motor lending a hand, that means you have a total of more than 350bhp to play with – and you really can play.

The i8 can sprint from 0-62mph in less than 4.5 seconds, and because of the instant way the electric motors work, its response makes it feel even faster. The most exciting hybrid on sale? Probably.

Audi R8 - £2,120 per month

Model: Audi R8 V10 plus
List price: £141,200
Aim to pay: £141,200
Deposit: £20,000 (£0 contribution)
Monthly payments: £2,120.89
Number of payments: 36  
APR: 6.8%
Optional final payment: £65,540.50
Total to pay: £159,781.65 

Audi is a relative newcomer to the supercar class – the first R8 only appeared in 2006 – but there’s something defiantly old school about the second-generation R8.

It doesn’t have a hybrid powertrain, turbochargers or superchargers, just a big old V10 petrol engine – and it’s all the better for it. Naturally, it’s a very quick car, but it’s also wonderfully easy to drive.

At low speeds the R8 is docile, but when you get the opportunity to open it up, you can really appreciate the grip and traction from the quattro four-wheel drive system, the amazing noise the engine makes and the sheer thrill of driving it.

Best luxury car deals

Audi A8 - £499 per month

Model: Audi A8 50 TDI
List price: £69,955  
Aim to pay: £57,171  
Deposit: £7,000 (£8,875 contribution)
Monthly payments: £499  
Number of payments: 36  
APR: 0%
Optional final payment: £20,820  
Total to pay: £62,360 

The Audi A8 certainly fulfils its brief as a luxury car thanks to its sumptuous cabin, but arguably its selling point is its tech.

And the irony is that there’s so much advanced equipment inside that the interior has quite a minimalist design – because most of the functions are controlled through one of the two touchscreens. That helps to give the car a very rela feel inside, which is only helped by the effortless and refined way the engines whisk this huge car around.

For the ultimate in luxury, there’s also a long-wheelbase version A8, and all cars offer plenty of options to make the rear-seat passengers even more pampered.

Jaguar XJ - £499 per month

Model: Jaguar XJ 3.0 Diesel Luxury
List price: £62,360  
Aim to pay: £54,409
Deposit: £9,576 (£14,000 contribution)
Monthly payments: £499
No of payments: 36  
APR: 0%
Optional final payment: £20,820
Total to pay: £62,360 

Meet the luxury saloon that thinks it’s a sports car. The XJ is the best-handling and most enjoyable model in its class to drive, feeling nimble and fitting around you in a way some competitors simply can’t.

None of these big Jags is short of performance, but there is a price to pay for such levels of driving involvement: the XJ is neither as comfortable nor as spacious as the best luxury cars. However, the technology inside (once a disappointment) is now a better match for what you’ll find in its opponents.

BMW 7 Series - £666 per month

Model: BMW 7 Series 730d M Sport
List price: £73,430  
Aim to pay: £62,100
Deposit: £9,999.83 (£17,754.27 contribution)
Monthly payments: £666.30  
Number of payments: 36  
APR: 0%  
Optional final payment: £22,355.40
Total to pay: £73,430

For the first time, the BMW 7 Series really can stand toe to toe with Mercedes’ S-Class. It’s one of the most advanced saloon cars ever, with tech including gesture control to operate the stereo, answer calls and operate the sat-nav. 

There’s a 10.2-inch touchscreen, which works just like a smartphone, and the rear-seat entertainment system provides access to online services, and enables passengers to watch movies or surf the internet.

The 7 is also supremely comfortable, and boasts a fine range of engines – and the M760Li flagship has the title of BMW’s fastest-ever car. However, the entry-level diesel offers all the performance you could ever really need.

Range Rover - £899 per month

Model: Land Rover Range Rover SDV6 Vogue
List price: £84,833  
Aim to pay: £78,497  
Deposit: £17,980 (£0 contribution)
Monthly payments: £899  
Number of payments: 36  
APR: 6.9%
Optional final payment: £43,240  
Total to pay: £92,697

Yes, the Range Rover sits a bit higher off the ground and will take you a lot further off the beaten track than these rivals, but it’s still every inch a bona fide luxury car.  

That’s obvious from its lavishly finished, leather-clad interior, while its powerful engines and go-anywhere ability mark it out as perhaps the ultimate all-rounder. Off-road prowess aside, its refinement and comfort are the biggest attractions, which make it one of the very best cars for a long-distance motorway trip. 

And every version in the range comes packed with loads of equipment as well.

Mercedes S-Class - £675 per month

Model: Mercedes S-Class S 350 d L AMG Line
List price: £78,085  
Aim to pay: £61,425
Deposit: £11,906 (£9,229 contribution)
Monthly payments: £675   
Number of payments: 48  
APR: 0%   
Optional final payment: £24,550
Total to pay: £78,085

The revisions that arrived in 2017 secured the S-Class’s status as our 2018 Luxury Car of the Year

Admittedly, the styling tweaks were pretty minor, but what really mattered were the changes under the skin – including new driver-assistance systems and improved engines. The interior blends the latest tech with classic materials, while the comfort, space and refinement make this car an unbeatable package.

It’s great to drive, but even better to be driven in, especially in the rear of the LWB version, to which you can add reclining seats and various m kit.

Lexus LS - £935 per month

Model: Lexus LS 500h
List price: £72,595  
Aim to pay: £69,369  
Deposit: £16,000 (£0 contribution)
Monthly payments: £935  
Number of payments: 36
APR: 5.9%
Optional final payment: £31,500  
Total to pay: £80,234.10 

There’s something delightfully different about the LS that makes it stand out from the German cars that dominate the luxury car market. It’s partly that on-trend hybrid powertrain, but the sheer amount of tech crammed inside also has a role to play.

In fact, the LS is packed with kit, full stop, and you can specify air suspension, Shiatsu massage seats and even a climate control system that can automatically compensate for the sun shining into one side of the car.

As if that wasn’t enough, Lexus always does well in our Driver Power customer satisfaction surveys, suggesting this should be a painless limo to own.

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