Best-selling cars in the UK 2018

5 Jun, 2018 11:15am Joe Holding

The Ford Fiesta continues to top the best-selling car list in the UK with 6,896 registrations in May

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) has updated its UK top ten best-selling cars list for 2018, having revealed the latest figures for May.

Once again, the Ford Fiesta continues to top the chart having taken another 6,896 registrations last month, although its sibling - the Ford Focus - almost beat it with 6,573 registrations of its own.

New car sales increase again in May 2018

The Volkswagen Golf retains second place overall having claimed 6,372 registrations over the same period.

May provided some good news for the industry as a 10.4 per cent rise in sales in April was followed by a 3.4 per cent year-on-year rise in May. It follows 12 consecutive months of decline which have seen new car sales dwindle.

Experts have welcomed the latest figures whilst urging caution, pointing to the context of large contractions in 2017. Year-to-date sales remain 6.8 per cent down on last year, with 79,308 fewer cars built so far in 2018 compared with the same stage 12 months ago.

The last 18 months have proved testing for the car industry thanks to uncertainty over Brexit, the announcement of a non-electrified car sales ban for 2040, and the introduction of new VED road tax rates with more severe tariffs on emissions.

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And while 2017 was still the third-biggest year in a decade for car sales, industry experts fear a further decline in the market over the course of 2018.

So the Ford Fiesta remains the best-selling car in Britain, but which other models make up the top ten? Read on to find out, or check out last year’s results…

Top ten best-selling cars 2018

1. Ford Fiesta - 47,515 registrations

The Ford Fiesta finished 2017 as the best-selling car in the UK, and it’s set to do the same again in 2018, having outsold its closest rival by over 14,000 registrations to date. 6,896 new Fiestas hit the road in May, narrowly fending off a surge in Focus sales.

2. Volkswagen Golf - 33,057 registrations

Second in the final 2017 top ten standings, the Volkswagen Golf is also second overall in the 2018 rankings having secured a further 6,372 registrations in May. While its performance is strong, it’ll take an almighty effort for the Golf to overhaul the Fiesta from hereon in.

3. Nissan Qashqai - 26,127 registrations

Starting 2018 in fourth place, the Nissan Qashqai has climbed to third and stayed there, with another 4,956 registrations in May. In 2017 it was the most popular SUV in Britain, but the Vauxhall Mokka X stole an early march in the race for that title in the first two months of this year. Since then though, the Qashqai has reclaimed its crown, and the Mokka X has disappeared from the top ten altogether.

4. Ford Focus - 25,917 registrations

Not content with securing first place for May with the Fiesta, Ford also takes second position for May sales with the Ford Focus. 6,573 registrations over the course of the month almost saw it usurp its supermini sibling, and the purple patch sees it close the gap to the Nissan Qashqai in the 2018 rankings. A new model is due on the roads this September…

5. Vauxhall Corsa - 21,927 registrations

Vauxhall is a brand that desperately needs to show some promise in 2018, and 3,932 registrations of the Corsa in May have kept the car maker ticking over. It was fifth in the best-selling list last year, and Vauxhall will want to hang on to that position, especially having lost the Mokka X from the top ten…

6. Ford Kuga - 18,570 registrations

Another Ford in the top ten, ensuring there’s no place in the 2018 best-selling list for former regulars such as the Vauxhall Astra. Its boot might be a tad smaller than some rivals’, but lots of passenger space is a strong selling point.

7. MINI – 17,802 registrations

After breaking into the top ten best selling cars list back in March, the MINI has now climbed to seventh place overall for the year. Its distinctive styling and great driving dynamics are still managing to attract customers: 3,505 of them purchased a MINI in May.

8. Mercedes A-Class - 17,788 registrations

Scraping into the top ten overall in 2017, the Mercedes A-Class has hit the ground running in 2018, adding 2,939 registrations in May. The hatchback has made headlines recently with an all-new model being unveiled, ensuring continued strong interest in the car.

9. Volkswagen Polo - 16,533 registrations

The Volkswagen Polo made a quiet start in 2018, but after 3,961 registrations in May, its consistency in the showrooms has finally been rewarded with a place in the top ten list. With the VW Golf running in second place, the German brand will be pleased that another of their models is performing well…

10. Mercedes C-Class - 16,414 registrations

Ninth in the overall best-selling cars list in 2016 and 2017, once again the Mercedes C-Class creeps into the top ten in the first few months of 2018. Strong fleet sales have always aided the C-Class towards this end, and the German brand plans to capitalise on its popularity with a new model in the second half of the year. Keep your eyes peeled…