M6 toll price to rise 40p in August

M6 motorway traffic
7 Jul, 2017 12:40pm Michael Cox

This is the first increase in the M6 toll price for five years

The price for drivers using the M6 Toll will increase by 40p in August. Operator Midlands Expressway Limited (MEL) said the rise was a catch-up with inflation.

This is the first price increase on the toll road since 2012 and will bring the cost to £5.90 for daytime tolls and £4.40 for daytime ramps. There are no changes to weekend or evening charges and prices for other types of vehicle, including HGVs, are frozen.

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Andy Pearson, chief executive of MEL said: “We have always approached our pricing structure with very careful consideration to economic sensitivities and the impact on our customers and their businesses. This was part of the reason for holding tolls flat over the past five years.”

“The new prices are effectively a partial catch-up with inflation and are increasing by less than RPI over the same period. We remain committed to investing in our infrastructure to deliver an excellent customer experience and provide a high quality, free-flowing alternative to the congested M6.”

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The M6 Toll carries more than 53,000 vehicles per weekday, representing over 60% of all through-traffic in the M6 corridor, with. Traffic on the M6 Toll has grown 7.6% each year since 2012.

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