Car Tech A to Z: K is for keys

4 Aug, 2017 12:50pm

The letter K in our A to Z of car tech series takes a look at the humble car key

The technology contained within the modern motor car can be both fascinating and slightly baffling. Most such technology exists to make our cars safer, more efficient and just better than ever to drive but some of it can be quite confusing for the average motorist. In this A to Z series we will attempt to unravel the mystery of technology that is the modern motor car. This week, we’re visiting the letter K…

K is for…Keys. Car keys used to be simple things that you inserted into a lock to open a door, and then inserted again into a slot somewhere on the dashboard to twist and fire up the engine. But not any more.

Nowadays most car keys contain batteries and sensors and sophisticated coding to allow keyless entry and even keyless start up, where the vehicle sensors detect that the key is present and allow the engine to be started by the simple press of a button.

Some manufacturers even off wristband key options to allow drivers to go swimming or even skydiving while keeping their car key with them. Again the system works by detection; you leave the main key inside the car and when you walk away with the wristband on the car locks automatically – and only when you return and wave the wristband at the door handle does it unlock.

Clever technology that will become increasingly popular within the automotive industry in years to come.

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