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Mercedes-AMG G 63 - long term third report header
Long-term tests

Long-term test review: Mercedes-AMG G 63

15 Aug, 2019

Final report: our Mercedes-AMG G 63 SUV kept stealing the limelight and we will miss it dearly

Hyundai Santa Fe main LT header
Long-term tests

Hyundai Santa Fe Premium SE: long-term test review

12 Aug, 2019

Third report: Cars like the Hyundai Santa Fe show there’s no stopping the rise of the SUV

Mazda MX-5 birthday
Long-term tests

Mazda MX-5 2.0 Sport Nav+: long-term test review

6 Aug, 2019

Second report: The Mazda MX-5 is as thrilling as the original 30 years ago

Audi e-tron 55 quattro second report - header
Long-term tests

Audi e-tron 55 quattro: long-term test review

5 Aug, 2019

Second report: plugging our Audi e-tron into the electric car network is proving to be a game of chance

VW Touareg LT choice
Long-term tests

Volkswagen Touareg R-Line: long-term test review

2 Aug, 2019

Second report: How does the petrol VW Touareg compare with our diesel car?

BMW 3 Series LT main
Long-term tests

BMW 320d M Sport: long-term test review

31 Jul, 2019

Second report: Our BMW 320d shows exactly why the compact executive is in the spotlight

Honda CR-V: long-term test - front tracking
Long-term tests

Honda CR-V Hybrid: long-term test review

26 Jul, 2019

Second report: our Honda CR-V Hybrid is leaving us feeling cool, calm and collected behind the wheel

SEAT Tarraco long-termer - first report header
Long-term tests

SEAT Tarraco SE Technology: long-term test review

25 Jul, 2019

Second report: our SEAT Tarraco’s large boot helps Pete muscle in on World’s Strongest Man

Volkswagen California Ocean long termer - campsite
Long-term tests

Volkswagen California Ocean: long-term test review

25 Jul, 2019

Update: Our Volkswagen California Ocean proves to be a big hit on last minute break to Devon

Nissan Leaf Long Termer beach
Long-term tests

Long-term test review: Nissan Leaf Tekna

23 Jul, 2019

Final report: With zero instances of range anxiety, the Nissan Leaf Tekna makes EV life enjoyable