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Opinion - MG

‘Sales fell in 2018, but with 2.4m buying or leasing a new car it was hardly disastrous’

20 Jan, 2019

Although car sales were down in the UK in 2018, Mike Rutherford still thinks there are plenty of reasons to be optimistic

OPINION Defender

'Bad start to 2019 shows that JLR has a challenging future ahead'

16 Jan, 2019

News of the recent job losses and falling profits at JLR should be the wake-up call the company needs, says Steve Fowler


'2019 will be the most exciting year yet for cars'

13 Jan, 2019

Time to leave talk of Brexit and Dieselgate in the past and look forward to an exciting 2019, says Mike Rutherford

Opinion - new drivers

‘Our responsibility to new drivers is falling short’

9 Jan, 2019

Editor-in-chief Steve Fowler thinks more needs to be done to support drivers who have just passed their test

Opinion - driverless pod

"Kids aren’t learning to drive as they hang on for their driverless pods"

6 Jan, 2019

The car industry is set to undergo a radical change in the next five years, but Mike Rutherford wonders if that's a good thing...

Opinion - VW I.D.

‘New year, same uncertainty, but revolutionary times’

3 Jan, 2019

News editor Jonathan Burn thinks 2019 is going to be a groundbreaking year in the car industry

Opinion - off-road parking

“Demand for off-street parking is about to explode, and we can thank EVs”

30 Dec, 2018

As EVs grow in popularity, Mike Rutherford thinks drivers without an off-street space would be wise to search for bays they can buy


'The Suzuki Jimny is more of a head turner in LA than a Jaguar I-Pace'

17 Dec, 2018

Could the Suzuki Jimny be the 2019 World Car of the Year? No. Don’t be daft, says Mike Rutherford

Opinion - Genesis LA Motor Show

“LA 2018 was the auto show that shocked – for good and bad reasons”

9 Dec, 2018

Some established names were obsessed with being cool in LA, turning their backs on conventional cars. Big mistake, says Mike Rutherford


VW’s Tesco charge point deal a breakthrough for EVs

5 Dec, 2018

Charging points in supermarket carparks is a leap forward for the electric car market, says John McIlroy