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Hot hatches – opinion

“Car makers haven’t forgotten how to keep us grinning”

18 Jul, 2018

Steve Fowler thinks that sprinkling a little RS, ST, GTI or Type R fun-dust on electric cars could mean happy days ahead


‘Will Volvo be the hottest car company of 2019? Probably’

15 Jul, 2018

As Volvo scores two wins at the New Car Awards, it’s ideally placed to take on established premium brands, says Mike Rutherford


‘JLR doesn’t know if it can remain British after a hard Brexit’

11 Jul, 2018

As Brexit forces JLR to question £80bn UK investment, they can’t be blamed for playing hardball, writes John McIlroy

UK manufacturing - opinion

“We remain one of the world’s top small countries for car production”

8 Jul, 2018

Despite recent discouraging news around the UK automotive industry, Mike Rutherford finds some positives

Opinion - BP/Chargemaster

‘It’s a significant time for the future of our cars’

4 Jul, 2018

After the Jaguar I-Pace won our 2018 Car of the Year award, Steve Fowler thinks the future of electric cars is looking brighter and brighter


‘To free up our roads, we should drive less or drive smaller’

30 Jun, 2018

With 50 per cent more cars on our roads than in 1997, Mike Rutherford thinks we should all drive smaller models like the Audi A1…


‘Premium brands are being caught by less well established rivals’

27 Jun, 2018

As the new Dacia Duster arrives, the lines between premium and value brands are becoming blurred, writes John McIlroy


‘JLR moving Discovery production abroad is only half the story’

24 Jun, 2018

Although Land Rover Discovery production is heading to Slovakia, there is good news to be found, says Mike Rutherford

Opinion - Vauxhall

‘A refreshing approach for Vauxhall’s future’

20 Jun, 2018

Editor-in-chief Steve Fowler finds out more about Vauxhall's future plans as he meets managing director Stephen Norman


‘Too many companies are scheming to empty drivers’ pockets’

17 Jun, 2018

From councils to car park operators, Mike Rutherford believes companies too often employ dubious methods