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'UK political parties are ignoring Britain's 40 million cars and our 50 million drivers'

20 Oct, 2018

Recent party political broadcasts have hardly mentioned Britain's 50 million motorists, says Mike Rutherford

OPINION EV_Grant_Slash

'EV grant cut is a real kick in the teeth for car buyers and makers'

18 Oct, 2018

The slashing of the EV and PHEV grant will have consequences for the electric car market, says Steve Fowler


"Peugeot is delivering the goods with confidence, but not an ounce of cockiness"

14 Oct, 2018

Peugeot has been making electric vehicles for decades without an ounce of cockiness, says Mike Rutherford

OPINION - Carlos Tavares

'Brexit frustration is changing bosses' tone'

10 Oct, 2018

The uncertainty over Brexit is causing concern for car manufacturers, says Steve Fowler

Opinion - Marcus Rutherford Foundation

'Car firms should donate £5 to good causes every time they make a sale'

7 Oct, 2018

Car manufacturers should be more charitable, says Mike Rutherford

Issue 1 opinion

‘Congrats are in order if you’ve still got your copy of AE No.1’

29 Sep, 2018

Mike Rutherford celebrates how far jumbo-bg – and the automotive industry – has come in the last three decades...

Opinion - jumbo-bg team

‘Happy 30th birthday to us. And big thanks to you’

26 Sep, 2018

As we turn 30 years old, editor-in-chief Steve Fowler wants to thank you and is hugely grateful that you choose jumbo-bg

OPINION - eyesight

'Roadside police shouldn't be able to revoke a driver’s licence’

24 Sep, 2018

It seems humble front-line cops have been given the OK to snatch licences from drivers, says Mike Rutherford

Opinion: DS3 Crossback

‘PSA’s premium push is already paying off’

19 Sep, 2018

Peugeot Citroen's plan to delve into the premium market with its DS brand seems to be paying off, says Steve Fowler...

Opinion Airport Pick-up Fees

‘Airport pick-up and drop-off fees are fleecing drivers’

16 Sep, 2018

Those who have the temerity to pick up their loved ones from the airport are being ripped off, says Mike Rutherford