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Opinion - MINI Electric

‘Vauxhall and Peugeot need to cut their electric car prices to compete with MINI’

20 Jul, 2019

Mike Rutherford thinks affordability is fast becoming one of the most important words in the modern car-buying vocabulary

 Opinion: Lotus Evija

"Lotus Evija marks a turning point for the brand under Geely"

17 Jul, 2019

What does the Evija mean for Lotus? John McIlroy thinks it's important but mainly as a sign of things to come...

OPINION new car sales

'Manufacturers are building cars designed to last, and it's hurting them'

13 Jul, 2019

The quality of cars today is so good that customers are keeping them longer which is hurting new car sales, says Mike Rutherford


'The French Grand Prix could mark the beginning of the end for Formula 1'

7 Jul, 2019

The French Grand Prix will go down as one of the dullest races ever and has damaged the reputation of Formula 1, says Mike Rutherford

Opinion - Richard Palmer

“The UK leads the world on talent at all levels in the motor industry”

3 Jul, 2019

It’s been a good news week for the UK and our 2019 Brit List shows that the future looks even brighter, says Steve Fowler

OPINION - Ian Callum

'Filling Ian Callum's designer shoes is tough, luckily Jaguar have just the man'

29 Jun, 2019

Replacing the retiring Ian Callum is not an easy task however Jaguar have just the man in Julian Thompson, says Mike Rutherford

Opinion - Ford Puma badge

‘The new Ford Puma is here, but surely there were better names available’

26 Jun, 2019

Editor-in-chief Steve Fowler bemoans Ford's lack of imagination in dusting off the Puma name for its new small SUV

OPINION Mike Rutherford

‘Euisun Chung looks set to be the most powerful car person of the next decade’

22 Jun, 2019

Mike Rutherford thinks vice-chairman Euisun Chung holds the key to Hyundai and Kia's future

OPINION Peugeot 2008

'PSA is at the forefront of normalising electric cars'

20 Jun, 2019

With the new Peugeot 2008, Steve Fowler thinks PSA is leading the way in making electric cars normalised with the general public

Opinion - Volvo S60

‘Are saloon cars dead? Don’t be daft. They’re very much alive’

16 Jun, 2019

Mike Rutherford thinks the archetypal saloon-type car is suffering an identity crisis, but will still be around for decades to come