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‘The London Motor Show is the motoring event of the year’

18 May, 2018

Manufacturers around the globe should get more involved with London Motor Show, argues Mike Rutherford

Opinion - Audi A6

‘Electronic safety aids aren’t always as safe as they seem’

18 May, 2018

Steve Sutcliffe queries the benefit of safety systems added for NCAP stars that are hard to turn off, like the lane assist in the Audi A6


‘Reaction to the Rolls-Royce Cullinan SUV has been mixed’

16 May, 2018

The Rolls-Royce Cullinan will make money, and deciding to build it was a progressive decision, argues Steve Fowler…

Ford - opinion

“Ford is now a truck maker first, car maker second”

12 May, 2018

Jimmy Hackett, CEO of Ford, has made Ford’s worst move in decades, says Mike Rutherford


‘Now Rolls-Royce has one, it’s time the SUV got a bit more respect’

10 May, 2018

Now Rolls-Royce has taken the SUV plunge, it's time we stopped looking down on these types of vehicle, says Steve Walker


‘Electric is the future, but petrol still turns us on’

9 May, 2018

With news of new EVs flooding in, Steve Fowler sees an exciting future for both electric cars and internal combustion


‘The motoring industry needs calm, convincing leadership’

7 May, 2018

With the demonisation of diesel continuing apace, Mike Rutherford ponders who should lead the fightback


"It doesn't really matter where your new car is built"

2 May, 2018

Jonathan Burn looks at the stigma of being 'Made in China' and whether European manufacturers will soon be importing from China


‘Yearly savings of thousands are achievable for drivers’

29 Apr, 2018

With the average cost of driving a car hitting £5,795 in 2017, Mike Rutherford offers advice for saving money


‘Chinese start-ups are forcing established car makers to change’

25 Apr, 2018

With Lynk & Co and Byton targeting Europe without showrooms, it's no wonder Vauxhall is cutting dealerships, writes John McIlroy