What Renault Pro+ can do for your business

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24 May, 2017 4:00pm

Outstanding customer service, from purchase to ownership, is the priority of the Renault Pro+ network of commercial vehicle centres

If there's one thing that can make or break the van ownership experience, it can be the customer service you get from your manufacturer of choice. But if you run a Renault van, the firm is ready to give you service that will hopefully exceed your expectations, courtesy of the Pro+ chain of specialist van centres. Whether you're in the market for a new van, a fleet manager looking for tailor-made business solutions, or a small business owner thinking about cutting costs by switching to an electric van (EV), then Renault Pro+ will be able to help.

We spoke to Simon Wheeler, National Manager of Renault Pro+ to get the inside line on what the experts will be able to deliver for van customers across the country.


"What Pro+ delivers is an enhanced network of fleet and light commercial vehicle (LCV) specialists that will be the go-to people for customers who need a tailor-made service," he said. "Our aim is to provide a level of service that's better than the average car or van dealer, and our Pro+ dealers are located in parts of the country where people do business to help  them carry on working." 

The Pro+ network was first established in 2009, and currently there are 32 Pro+ dealers across the country, but that number is growing all the time. "Eventually we could have 50 or 60 Pro+ franchises across the country," Simon told us. "But our target is quality rather than quantity, and we'd rather have a core network of LCV specialists that can give great customer care instead of just targeting a big number."

• Renault vans: exploring the benefits to your business

This specialist chain of Pro+ dealers operates within the main Renault dealer network, which itself earned high praise from Renault owners by finishing first in the 2016 Driver Power dealer survey. Where Pro+ dealers stand out when compared to the rest of the network is not with the products they offer, but rather with the expertise that's available. "All of our dealers have access to the same finance and business products," Simon explained. "But our Pro+ franchises back this up with experts on-site who will be able to accommodate the needs of fleet and business customers in sales and aftersales." 

The Renault Pro+ network isn't a new set of dealers, instead it's a set of franchises that have been given more investment to provide a tailor made approach to LCV customer service. As such, a dealer must have the following facilities to qualify for the Pro+ network: 

Staff dedicated to fleet and business users

Pro+ dealers have an expanded sales and after sales force that know the LCV business inside out: If there's anything these guys don't know, it's not worth knowing. They can help business and fleet operators choose the correct new vehicles for their fleet, offer advice on converted products, provide financial products and services along with costings and vehicle management, while their added level of expertise will help customers get the best value from their Renault LCV fleet.

Longer opening hours for after sales

Pro+ franchises offer extended operating hours to ensure that customers get their vans serviced in a timely manner. "Customers aren't really bothered if their van is serviced at three in the morning," said Simon. "As long as the Pro+ network offers extended opening hours, so that they can drop their vehicle off for a service at the end of the day, and then pick it up again first thing in the morning, then that's what matters. And as Pro+ aftersales sites can dictate their own opening hours, they can plan their business hours according to local demand. 

Three-day workshop booking window

If you're reliant on your fleet, Pro+ franchises have the ability, in most cases, to book your LCVs in for service or repair with only 72 hours notice. That means your demands can be met when you want them to be, giving you the opportunity to fit any downtime into your schedule and limiting the inconvenience to your business.

Courtesy vehicles, bookable in advance

Businesses that can plan further ahead can make use of the van4van courtesy vehicles that our Pro+ dealerships can offer. If you need a vehicle while your LCV is in for service, then we can ensure that you're kept mobile for as long as your vehicle is being attended to.

Display of the LCV range, including converted products

Customers interested in looking at the Renault commercial vehicle range hands-on can rely on our Pro+ dealers to have a full display of Kangoo, Trafic and Master models to look at. While Renault's LCV brochures don't go into detail on custom-built LCVs, Pro+ specialists will be able to help if you have specific needs when it comes to converted vehicles, too. Whether it's the need for a tail-lift, refrigeration, chevrons or lights, then our Pro+ specialist dealers can assist with in-house solutions, or they also have a list of accredited fitters that can tailor our Renault vehicles to your specific needs.

LCV demonstrators

Our Pro+ dealers will have a range of demonstrators on hand for potential buyers to get a real feel for how Renault vans deliver the perfect requirements for their business. While not every model variant will be on offer, these demonstrators will give customers an insight into Renault's range of versatile and economical vans, whether big or small.

A Kangoo van ZE demonstrator

All Renault Pro+ dealers are also Renault ZE electric vehicle franchises, so they have the expertise to help you determine if the all-electric Kangoo van ZE is the right fit for your business. In addition, all Pro+ dealers run a Kangoo ZE demonstrator, so that potential buyers can get a hands-on feel for driving an EV and see the benefits of an electric vehicle. And of course, being a ZE dealer means that all Pro+ franchises also have fast-charging facilities, giving you an opportunity to charge up your van if you are within the vicinity of a centre.

These core facilities aim to put the Pro+ network a step ahead of rival manufacturers, many of which use external Fleet Specialist networks to deliver their aftersales care. What else sets the Pro+ network apart is the Renault Business Quality Commitment. This 9-point plan is designed to give customers peace of mind, and every dealer in the Renault network, whether it's a Pro+ specialist or not, has signed up to this code of practice. 

With a comprehensive code of conduct, a wide range of facilities and on-site expertise that will help with business and fleet customers across the country, Renault Pro+ is setting new standards for LCV customer care. As Simon told us: "Basically Pro+ is the go-to centre for help, advice, sales and service for business and fleet customers. Our customers should get all the answers they need at a Pro+ dealer, and it's comforting to know that our specialist network is there to help them, wherever they are in the country."

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